Thursday, March 26, 2009

Setting up VMware View Lab - virtual desktops

Ok, now I am ready to configure the virtual desktops. (See the previous post for the View Connection Server setup).

I want to be able to have both a Windows XP and Windows7 virtual desktop available to connect to. I decided to create an Automated, Persistent Pool for my WindowsXP and a static one-vm Collection with Windows7 Beta. Both will be available to my test user to connect to from the Internet:

For my WinXP desktop pool (here named LabDesktop), I instructed View to use an existing XP template I have in my Virtual Center when spinning up the new desktops, and to customize using one of my XP customization templates:

As far as Windows 7 Beta goes, I did not create an automated desktop pool. Instead, I just installed a virtual machine of Windows7 Beta 64-bit (the install went without a glitch by the way...). Then I added it to the domain, installed VMware Tools and View Agent 3.0.1. After that I added it as a target virtual desktop to my View environement:

Finally, I Entitled Domain Admins (my test user is a member of that group) to use both vdesktops:

In the next Post I am going to demonstrate how to connect to these two desktops from anywhere on the internet.

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