Thursday, March 26, 2009

Setting up VMware View Lab - VMware View Connection Server

I am now ready to deploy the VMware View Connection Server.
(See the previous post for the Foundation setup)

The setup of VMware View Connection Server 3.01 is pretty straight-forward. I spun up a fresh Windows 2003 machine with 8GB disk and 1024 MB RAM. Nothing special was added to this build (other than I removed all the IIS components as VMware View does not use IIS - it uses Apache). I addedd this server to my lab AD domain (ESXLAB.local), and then I installed Vmware View from the 3.01 eval media downloaded from

After the installation was completed, I configured the Connection Server in the following manner:

My Virtual Center's IP address is
I also configured my VMware Connection Server to use a VMware Security Server, as follows:

More details on the Security Server in the next Post.

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